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Our Solicitor Fees

Our Fees

We are fixed fee motoring solicitors working only on an agreed fixed fee basis. This allows us to offer you complete transparency in respect of our fees.

Your initial call to us is free. Thereafter, we can offer a more detailed consultation with aspecialist motoring solicitor for £99 plus VAT. This consultation can be provided either at our office premises or via the telephone.

In such circumstances we will request that you send us various documentation before the consultation. The £99 plus VAT will be deducted from any final fee invoice where we are then instructed to represent you in court.

We can appear in court for as little as £499 plus VAT. We consider each motoring case upon its own facts and are able to provide you with an indication of our fixed fee once we have considered the prosecution paperwork or spoken with you in detail during a consultation.

The only addition to any fixed fee is where you decide an expert witness would assist in your defence. We will obtain a quotation from any expert witness before instructing them to ensure that you agree any fee in advance. Any fees we quote will cover representation at the Crown Court by a Higher Rights Advocate or Barrister. Where you chose to instruct Queens Counsel to represent you we will obtain a fixed fee quotation from our retained QC.

Where you are found not guilty or proceedings against you are withdrawn or dismissed you can make an application for a Defence Costs Order. This means that part of the legal fees that you have incurred in successfully defending yourself can be assessed and paid from Central Funds.

Where we have successfully defended you, we will always consider an application that your costs are paid either by the court or by the authority that brought the motoring prosecution against you.

Payment methods

#1 Motoring Solicitors are happy to accept instalment payments, provided the agreed fixed fee is paid in full at an agreed date before your final court date.We accept both credit card and debit card payments at our offices and via the telephone. We also accept bank transfers to our client account.

Legal aid

Legal Aid is not generally available for motoring offences. Public Funding can be considered for the most serious motoring offences. We can advise you in this regard if applicable.

Insurance Funding

Where you hold a Certificate of Car Insurance, depending on your insurer and the level of cover that you have arranged, we may be in a position to represent you under the terms of the insurance policy, being funded by your insurer. #1 Motoring Solicitors have previously represented clients under the terms of policies of insurance, having been appointed by insurers to represent drivers.

Where an accident has occurred as a consequence of an alleged motoring offence or there is injury caused to any other person, we can make enquiries with your insurer to ascertain if the terms of your policy cover representation by an expert motoring solicitor.

Moreover, where your insurers suggest that you must use one of their panel of solicitors, you can choose your own expert solicitor. Many insurance panel solicitors are not expert motoring lawyers and you have the right, under the terms of an insurance policy, to insist on an expert solicitor of your choice.

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Based in Cardiff, #1 Motoring Solicitors have have defended clients throughout South Wales and the West, including Newport, Swansea and Llanelli. Please contact us to discuss this aspect of your case.

Jon Wilkins

Jonathan Wilkins

Head of #1 Motoring Solicitors Jon Wilkins has nearly two decades of experience defending drivers for motoring offences.


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